Nice Biscuits

Nice will introduce you to tropical flavor!

Close your eyes and imagine the sugar coated, coconut-flavoured nice biscuits in your mouth. Now go forth and enjoy some Nice biscuits.

Excite your taste buds


The Britania Nice biscuit has maintained the classic rectangular shape but with many improvements to its taste. Indulge yourself in this out of world experience.

Available in 300pcs, 1.8kg1kg Jar, 1kg, 400g200g, and 70g

Preferred by

Those who adore crunchy, sweet snacks with a hint of tropical flavour. Get that fix!

Best taken with

Milk or any hot drink


Packed in a striking blue pack that reflects the colour of the ocean and safely wrapped with a plastic bag that keep the biscuits fresh at all times.

Know your Biscuits

Nice - Laidback

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